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24. yıl

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Tüm yabancılara oturma izni,
çalışma izni ve vatandaşlık alıyoruz. 

Sizlere daha huzurlu ve daha refahlı bir hayat vaat ediyoruz

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It's very easy to become citizen of Turkey and also live in Turkey

As a company, our services are completely safe. We work with all our strength to make transactions and we are pleased with you.

Residence Permit

You should receive a residence permit in order to circulate freely within the Republic of Turkey in this way can also visit places you want, or you can live in Turkey. If you invest $400,000 in Turkey and make an application, you can become within 1 year citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

Work Permit

We get work permits for all foreigners. Work permits to take you about 20 days, and if you can maintain it for 5 years, you can become citizen of the Republic of Turkey

Turkish Citizenship

When you buy a property for $400,000 to become a Turkish citizen, you can become a citizen within 1 year.  You can become a citizen within 3 years by marriage with a Turkish Citizen, and become a citizen within 5 years through employment. If you can do one of these ways, you can be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey!


We in Numbers



Years of Experience

3,000 of them


Intl. Partners

We in Numbers


3,000 of them


Years of Experience
Intl. Partners
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We with Numbers


Years of Experience

More than 6,500 

customers we have serviced.

Nearly 70

of our customers we made our Turkish citizens.

about us


Who are we?

As Jale Snejana Vural Consultancy,


We aim to provide you with reliable and guaranteed service. We obtain work and residence permits for all foreign employees, cancel in case of a dispute between them, and update the address from the Ministry of Labor, Labor and Social Services in case of a change of address within a year. We provide work permit and residence permit professionally in Turkey. We prepare all your documents and send them to your address in your city by e-mail or cargo and finalize your transactions in a positive way.


It is our job to obtain a work permit and residence permit for foreigners. We also provide legal support on these issues because customer satisfaction is always at the forefront for us. We do not see foreigners as "foreigners", foreigners are our guests. For this reason, we follow all transactions meticulously and work as much as we can to prevent any employer and foreigner working with us from being victimized.


Although everyone who works with us appreciates the quality of our service, they recommend us because of our hard work and quality work. Unfortunately, there are individuals in this sector that are described as "under the counter companies" who exploit foreigners and employers. We recommend that you research the consultancy firm you will work with while making your transactions .




Our References


Demirhan Dinç

Aysegul Orhon

Ayça Balkır Sumer

Fatima Baygoric

Esra Esra

İbrahim Yapıcı

Canan Tuna

Aysegul Senol

Yucel Sen

Tahir Kiran

Demir Sabanci

Mehmet Asımiplikçioğlu

Yalcin Selgur

Angel Feryal Sagay

Naşide Gülseren Bakay

Mustafa Muzaffer Demirsoy

Imren Sipahi

Huseyin Arslan

Denise akpolat

Jeff hako

Kerem Gözalan

Izer Lodrik

Omer Murat Keceli

Moris Avimelek

Filiz Perkun

Fethi Sarı

Ahmet Tuncay

Kadriye Ozturk

Nazli Seyithanoglu

Cevriye Ebru Okay

Yusuf Cevahir

Erol Tezman

Mehmet Barlars


Contact us


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Email and Phone

0532 137 59 49
0532 413 45 76


Merkez Mahallesi, Begonvil Street, Nef 03 Sitesi

Kagithane / Istanbul

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